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Welcome to the Schwarz lab

We are interested to understand protein structure-function relations in different biological processes ranging from basic metabolism to molecular neuroscience. Our research is based on a variety of methods including molecular biology, protein biochemistry, enzymology, structural biology (protein crystallography), cell biology, bioinorganic chemistry and biotechnology. Interdisciplinarity is a key to investigate complex biological problems and therefore we established collaborations with laboratories working in divers field such as Human Genetics, Neurobiology, Crystallography, Spectroscopy and Medicine.

Our interests:
Our different research directions trace all back to molybdenum, a trace element important for the function of enzymes involved in fundamental reactions in the global cycles of carbon, nitrogen and sulfur. Topics are

  1. Postsynaptic clustering of inhibitory neuro-receptors by gepyhrin and structural studies on GABAA receptors
  2. Biosynthesis of the pterin-based molybdenum as well and tungsten cofactors
  3. Moco deficiency in human, its molecular basis, diagnosis and therapy
  4. Structure and posttranslational regulation of nitrate reductase

If you are interested to join the group please contact us.